Products made by bamboo fiber have a soft and comfortable feel and a special luster. After dyed, it is sparking with beautiful colour. It is also highly absorptive to water (3 times more than that of cotton). Bacteria doesn't breed bamboo fabric, unlike other fabrics.

Feedbacks have been coming from clients buying from us - once you try bamboo products, you do not want products with other materials!

Click the following link to view each sample.

1. Yoga Wear - coming soon!  
2. Bathing  
3. Baby Wear  
4. Underwear  
  for men  
  for women  
5. Socks  
6. T-Shirt/Casual wear  
7. Blanket  
8. Sweater  
9. Working wear/ Uniform  
10. Bed Linen  
11. Bamboo Carpet