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Our products are made by different kinds of bamboo mixed fabrics such as bamboo/cotton, bamboo/spandex, bamboo/organic cotton etc. Made of 100% bamboo pulp fiber, bamboo fabrics are characterized by its good hygroscopility, excellent permeability, soft feel, easiness to straighten and dye and excellent color effect of pigmentation.

It is also a new environmentally-friendly raw material that enjoys very good application prospects. It can therefore be easily applied in manufacturing underwear, T-shirt and blanket etc.

Our fabrics factory, with over 2000 workers, is regarded as one of the best in the industry, had passed the Oeko-Tex standard 100 quality authentication.

Pure Bamboo
Bamboo knitted fabrics
Bamboo denim

Bamboo Mix
Bamboo / spandex knitted fabrics
Bamboo / cotton knitted fabrics
Bamboo / cotton denim
Bamboo / spandex denim
Bamboo / cotton twill

Other Eco Fabrics
We also offer products made by organic cotton and naturally colored cotton.

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